I’ve been working with Donielle for about a year and couldn’t be happier! In looking for a personal trainer, I needed someone to help me get back into a workout routine and enjoy working out again. Donielle has been a perfect match! She’s always smiling, always engaging, and always willing to listen to my problems. She makes working out something I look forward to – even at 5:30am. Her workouts are always tough and never boring. She does a great job getting the most out of her clients. I started working with her without any specific weight-loss goals, but I’ve lost over 20 pounds we started working together! I love working with Donielle – she’s the best! She’s a fantastic trainer and a great friend! She has changed my life.
Jaimie HOne on One Client
Donielle is such a wonderful trainer! I’ve been working with her for over a year now and I love the results I’ve gotten! Not only does she push you to be your best, but she helps with customizing your workout, along with nutrition knowledge. That alone has helped me perform my best, and get to where I need to be. Thank you Donielle.
Katie KOne on One Client
Donielle is amazing!! She's been working with me for about 3 months and has helped me more than anything and everyone else I have ever tried/worked with (which is about 20 years in the making). She understands what each individual needs and their comfort level and whatever she's doing is working!!!
Trisha GOne on One Client
Donielle has given me the highest level of motivation I have ever had through my fitness journey. She helps me stay motivated and is continuously having me try new things that make going to the gym each morning exciting. My main goal has been to lose body fat and she has provided me with a personalized workout plan to help me reach that goal in a healthy and effective way. I feel that through her help and support I am now making the most of every single workout. She is always willing to offer me her advice both in and out of the gym and I could not be happier with my experience working with Donielle.
Angie DOne on One Client
Donielle is the best!!
Brittany JOne on One Client
Donielle Kasper is really a gift to God’s green earth!!! She is really amazing and she treats every one of her clients with respect no matter your age, (my 11-year-old (annoying) sister works out with us and Donielle treats her with respect and dignity). She is everything you look for in a friend and in a trainer. Working out with her is like paying for a workout session and a therapy session all at once! She is saving you money I promise! While working out with Donielle I have lost 16LBS and 10% body fat! And that’s lot for me!!! I have seen visible changes and other people see them too! I am honored to call Donielle my trainer and I am even more honored to call her my friend!
Dianna BOne on One Client
Donielle is always upbeat, she's always encouraging me and she lets me complain without getting annoyed! Plus, she's like a life counselor cause she will listen to all your life troubles! Donielle is super friendly, she cares about you as a person and goes the extra mile. She learns about your goals and struggles and initiates ideas to help you achieve better. I know my training successes are affected by her positive influence!! Donielle's upbeat personality and her tough but awesome workouts keep me coming back for more! She works the muscle groups in a variety of ways so you are never bored. Donielle is an excellent trainer and an overall wonderful person!!
Kristi POne on One Client
I have been working with Donielle since December 2016. She has continued the program the others started, adding short hurdles to hop back and forth over after working through the ladders. She also has me working on my changing directions during my runs/sprints, working on my footwork to make as quick a transition as possible. She has continued having me work with the free weights as well as working with the different weight machines. I am definitely seeing results. My muscle tone is much better and the amount of weight for the different exercises has gone up by quite a bit. Donielle keeps encouraging me that I can do it – she hasn’t been wrong yet! Certainly helps out when building and moving around large set pieces for different plays and musicals. I also see a big difference during soccer games – players I could just barely keep pace with before I am now able catch and get in front of to defend or get to long balls before they can. Because of this I am more comfortable going after loose balls or putting pressure on the player with the ball – knowing I have a good chance of being able to get back if the ball does get passed me. Not bad for playing against guys whom maybe 20 to 30 years younger than me during pick-up games! Thanks Donielle!
Karl ROne on One Client